Literary Arts Foundation
The Literary Arts Foundation was created to provide authors and aspiring authors with the means to attend ongoing educational events related to the Great American Book Festival.  Available funds may also be used for transportation, lodging, and related travel expenses to aid in supporting individuals in the furtherance of their literary education.  

Funds provided are non-taxable based upon the following criteria:

-Nondiscriminatory Selection Procedures are clearly established
-The purpose is to enhance the literary education of grantee.

The selection criteria for Literary Arts Foundation's grants dictate that the funds are to be used for individuals to attend the Great American Book Festival. Prior academic performance, literary awards, recommendations from instructors and conclusions regarding an applicant's motivation, will be taken into consideration.  Financial need, character, ability, and potential are additional considerations.

Per guidelines as stated in the Literary Arts Foundation's bylaws, foundation selection panel members may not be in a position to derive any economic benefit, directly or indirectly, from the scholarship process, nor shall they have any relationship with those being considered for the grant.

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